30 July 2010


I was reading a post over at Mon Petit Poppet about eco-living goals and I was inspired to start my own list of eco-goals.

Earth day

I think that we are quite a 'green' family already, but I know that there is soo much more that we could be doing. We always take our own shopping bags, recycle all our paper, plastic, glass and aluminum. We have a compost bin and a worm farm that collects all our food scraps. We have a veggie patch. I try not to buy anything covered in plastic packaging and I limit my showers to 2 minutes (Okay, I never manage to shower in 2 minutes, but I'm trying.. really.. I am!)

veggie patch

So this week I decided make my own eco friendly laundry powder. I followed the recipe over at Mon Petit Poppet and it was soo easy..

1 1/4 cup bicarb soda

3/4 cup borax

1 cup lectric washing soda

2 bars of finely grated pure castile soap

I managed to find all the ingredients in the cleaning isle of my local supermarket, except castile soap so I bought sunlight pure soap bars instead.


I grated the soap bars and added all the other ingredients..

laundry powder

and PRESTO.. you have your own eco-friendly, skin-friendly washing powder!

I know that it is hard to find time to sit around making your own laundry powder, but there is something so rewarding about it. Its a bit like sewing your own clothes or growing your own veggies. I don't know about you, but I get the biggest sense of achievement when I finish a dress for Sophie or pull veggies from the garden that I grew from seeds.. The satisfaction that I made this, or grew this myself.. its addictive!

Plus I am pretty sure that buying all the ingredients was cheaper than buying a box of laundry powder. So why don't you give it a go..


Bron @ Baby Space said...

This is fabulous and very inspiring. I am actually going to try and BAKE this weekend. I'll report back on the results...

Wynona @ ivy designs said...

Hi Katie! How are you and your little gorgeous girl? I hope she loved the skirt you made her. Love the laundry powder idea...would love to hear how well it washes! I have also been trying to be more green...starting with my homemade cleaning spray. Will keep in touch x

Tania said...

Hehe I can't believe how similar our pictures look! We must shop in the same place. Even down to the writing on the tin :) By the way, love the new header.

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