26 July 2010

Sweet things

Good Morning! I had a lovely weekend but I am feeling a little sick today because I ate soooo much cake and pastry over the weekend.. ekk!

On Friday night my mother in law arrived from Perth. This was very exciting for me because I had lots of sewing questions to ask her and because she always wakes up with Sophie in the mornings and lets Tom and I have a well deserved sleep in!

So of course, on Friday night I made berry crumble.. It was delicious!


I changed the recipe a little as I added apple to the pear and berry base. I also used some lemon zest that was left over on the chopping board from the dinner Tom made. The lemon zest added a really lovely flavour to the crumble so it was not too sweet.


On Saturday morning we got up and made Bill Granger's baked eggs.. seriously easy recipe and sooo yummy, especially with the wilted baby spinach under the eggs.


We spent the morning wandering around various markets and sitting in coffee shops, which of course means more tea and cake!

While Sophie had her midday sleep I made some family place mats.. a little silly, but it was just a bit of fun..


Then we picked some lettuce and rocket from the garden..


Sophie made dinner..


And daddy helped a little..


Then it was time for some bedtime stories (and leftover crumble for mummy and daddy!)


On Sunday morning our beautiful friends Jinny and Michael came over and Tom baked a lovely orange cake. Jinny and Michael brought over some croissants and pastries and we all ate way to much cake (again) and drank several pots of tea in the garden.

Sophie made a mess..


Then we had dinner and guess what? Then I ate more cake..


Now I need a peppermint tea and a lie down.

P.s our weekend never usually involves this much cake.. I blame it all on my mother in law being here!


Steph said...

Yum, yum, yum!!! I actually have berries out ready to make into a crumble as we speak. have that gorgeous cook book but forgot about the recipe...so thanks so much for the tip off. Thanks for popping in and for your lovely comment. Hope you have a wonderful week :)

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