20 July 2010

Baby Space

My very good friend Bron has a fabulous website that I have to share with you.. It has become a bit of a ritual for me to sit down with my morning cup of tea and check out her latest post (right after I check the weather and decide if it's a gardening and bike riding sort of day or a sewing and cooking sort of day)!

Baby Space showcases beautiful baby and kids rooms. I must have similar taste to Bron because I always adore every single thing on the website!

Baby Space

Baby Space

Baby Space

And before you ask how I get time to sit down with a cup of tea every morning and browse my favourite blogs ill tell you.. Its called play school!


Bron @ Baby Space said...

Aww - thanks for the mention! Am totally loving visiting grow.cook.sew too :)

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Thanks for your comment.. It is nice to know that there is someone out there (other than my husband) reading my posts! Xx

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