I started this blog in 2010 after my husband Tom, our little girl Sophie and I moved from our charming little apartment near Bondi Beach to a house in the suburbs complete with a veggie patch and the dull hum of the suburbs. We spent our days at home cooking delicious food, pottering about the house and attempting to grow our own veggies. At about this time I pulled out my mother's old sewing machine that had been sitting in the cupboard for the last 15 years and sewing quickly became an obsession.
And so 'Grow. Cook. Sew.' was born.

In August 2010, after many months of trying and 2 previous miscarriages, I finally fell pregnant with baby number two. We spent the summer in complete family bliss.. spending our time at home doing the things we love and watching my belly grow. In January 2011 our perfect little life came crashing down around us when I went into labour at 22 weeks. Our beautiful little girl 'Grace' died during the birth.

6 weeks later we packed up our entire life in Sydney and drove across Australia to our new home in Perth. I decided to continue writing this blog because I realised, when looking back over all my old posts, that what I have here is a journal of all the lovely things in my life. (And in between the grief filled moments, I need those little reminders more than ever!)

In January 2012, after a tiresome year of fertility treatment I finally fell pregnant again. In September 2012 after a cervical suture and more than 6 months of full bed-rest our beautiful little baby boy 'Henry' arrived save and sound at 39 weeks. The second he was born all the heartbreak and stress of the past few years seemed to dissolve. He (and Sophie) are absolute treasures!

There will always be a Grace-shapped hole in my life and although I talk about that here, this is not a blog about stillbirth or loss. It's a place for me to write about all the things that I enjoy.. Mainly hanging out with my gorgeous husband and kids, drinking tea and occasionally spending way to much money on pretty fabric!


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