24 November 2010

The pirate and the skipping rope..

my mini monet
(According to Sophie this is a painting of a pirate with a skipping rope)

15 November 2010


Yes, I have been missing in action, but as of next week I hope to be back here with bells on.

sew la tea do

I took a few well deserved weeks off from everything that was not 100% essential.. including blogging and house cleaning (Tom and I made a deal that as long as the kitchen was tidy and we had some clean clothes to wear, everything else could wait.. and wait it did.. you should see our house, seriously looks like a bomb hit it!)

2010 has been a crazy year.. I spent the entire year either trying to fall pregnant or stay pregnant. My mum had a mastectomy and spent the year having chemo. My dad's health seriously deteriorated and I spent a large part of the year visiting him in hospital and on top of being a full time wife and mum, I thought it would be fun (?) to go back to uni full time!

But, it has also been a brilliant year.. Tom and I both think that having a two year old is the best fun ever.. and we have really settled into family life in the suburbs.
Making the decision to move to the suburbs was one of the best things we ever did. Sure, I miss being able to walk to the beach for a coffee in the morning, but we used to live in an apartment where the only plant we had (accidentally) fell out the window one day and never quite recovered.. now we spent hours in the garden and we pull salad and veggies from the garden almost every night before dinner.. who would of thought?

(Tom reminded me the other day that we had a conversation shortly after Sophie was born, about how we would never move away from the beach, even if we had to live in an apartment with 3 kids for the rest of our life..
Funny how your priorities in life change so much after having kids!)

So, despite a challenging year.. It has still been filled with alot of time doing the things that I love with the people who I love.. and that's really why I started this blog.. to remind myself how lucky I am!

P.s Speaking of how lucky I am, I got my copy of Sew La Tea Do last week and I love it, I want to make everything in it.. Sophie and I went and found some lovely fabric to make the 'miss adorable dress' and I cant wait to get started..

08 November 2010

Up in smoke

I found out on the weekend that my dad has been given 2 months to live.

He has had 5 major heart attacks, throat cancer, an aneurysm in his aorta that required him to have his entire aorta replaced.
He has chronic emphysema and heart failure. He has been in hospital twice this year alone with pneumonia and another 4 times because he can no longer breathe without an oxygen machine.

He has spent the last 60 years smoking a packet a day.

Seriously, If you smoke, you are a fucking IDIOT and I hope that your loved ones don't have to watch you die the most slow and painful death I have ever seen.

03 November 2010

Crown Street Cooks

Tom and I have promised ourselves that we would not buy any more cookbooks. We have a bookshelf full of cookbooks that we love, but it got to a point a few months ago when we both thought.. this is getting a little ridiculous.. there are only so many meals you can make in one lifetime!

However, I might have to make an exception for this cookbook that came out last week, because Crown Street Public School was my primary school and this book looks great.. full of simple, yummy, family recipes.

crown street cooks

Crown Street Public was an awesome primary school. The whole school did half an hour of Tai Chi every morning before class started. Of course, at the time it was the most embarrassing thing ever, but now I think its totally cool.

20 odd years ago Surry Hills was no where near as trendy as it is today, but it was still a very cool place to grow up.
My dad had this huge warehouse on Campbell Street, that was just behind Crown Street Public School. My dad is an architect and the warehouse was his office, but being a typical Dutchman (who can't live without his morning coffee or three) he decided to put a coffee machine and some big tables in the front of the warehouse, so that when clients came in they could all sit down and look over the plans with a real cup of coffee.

The only entrance to the warehouse was a huge roller shutter with no sign. One day a guy who was walking past popped his head in to ask if it was a cafe.. my dad said no, but come in anyway because he makes a pretty damn good cup of coffee. (If you knew my dad, that would not seem weird at all).

To cut a long story short, 6 months later my dad had given up architecture all together and was running a cafe full time that saw 3000 people through the doors every week. All the drawing boards had been replaced with tables. A kitchen had been built and a pool table added. My dad parked his 2 vintage 1969 convertibles in the back of the warehouse and there was live jazz most nights. . and so Sanctuary Studio Cafe was born!

I would walk down every afternoon after school and I have such great memories of hanging out there all afternoon, playing pool and taking orders. It really was the best thing ever because my dad had no intention at all of opening a cafe.. it just happened and he went along with it.

Unfortunately, just before the Sydney 2000 Olympics the whole block- 4 huge warehouses were all bought and pulled down to make way for 800 hideous apartments (no offence if you live at 186 Campbell Street, Surry Hills) and that was the end of an era.
My dad spent some time looking for a new venue, but never managed to find a place that was just right.. and warehouses like that just don't exist anymore.

So my dad went back into architecture. But still to this day, almost anywhere my dad goes, he will have someone stop and ask "where is the new sanctuary?"
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