31 October 2011



Sophie has never been attached to a particular toy or blanket (or anything really).
She has never had a "comforter" of any sort, even when she was a baby.
But lately this Jemima doll has to come with us everywhere.

28 October 2011


Are you excited? It's the first ever Grow. Cook. Sew. giveaway!


The lovely Allison from Lark (one of my favourite websites) has very kindly given me this gorgeous set of red polka-dot cake tins (valued at $49.95) to giveaway to one lucky person!

All you have to do is leave a comment below and I'll draw the winner on Monday 14th November.

Good luck everyone!

27 October 2011

Goats cheese ravioli with harissa


I just made this for dinner.. It's goats cheese ravioli, broccoli, pine nuts and feta topped with a garlic/ harissa oil.
The recipe is from 'Super natural every day' by Heidi Swanson of 101 cookbooks.. (that girl makes some seriously good food!).
It was actually really easy to make and one of the best meals I have made in a while.. Soo delicious!

playing with ideas


Do you like this skirt I made?
Would you buy it for a little girl?

Just playing with some ideas for my little project..
I'll tell you more about it soon!

P.s yes, skirt still needs hemming, but I kind of like it with a rough hem (once the threads are cut off).
What do you think?

26 October 2011

Blue jean baby


I have a problem. Even Sophie has noticed.
I wear jeans and a white singlet every single day.
Add sneakers or thongs. Add a t-shirt or cardigan. Add scarf. Leave house.



Take some delicious looking tomatoes.
Stuff them with cous cous, basil and harissa and bake.. Mmm!

25 October 2011

The journey begins..


That's right.. it says
'The Hollywood Fertility Centre guide to assisted conception'.

Deep breath.

24 October 2011

Oh Mabel!

oh mabel

How adorable is this bedlinen from 'Oh Mabel'!
I want!

Jiggity jig

Home again, Home again..




Sophie and I spend the day hanging out in the garden (and doing 2 suitcases full of dirty washing).. Fun!

EDIT: You may notice that all posts from here (going backwards) have smaller photos. This is because it was at about this time that I got my lovely new blog design. I could go back and change all the old photos to a larger size, but there are better things to do in life right? x

20 October 2011

Madewell booties

Madewell booties

I bought these boots from Madewell last winter.
I love them so.

19 October 2011

Room. Love.



How gorgeous is this kids room? I love the cushions, the pillows, the draws, the suitcases, the old books and... everything.

(Tom's step-mum is in Bhutan for 5 weeks.. maybe she could bring me back two giant cushions!?)

You can see more photos of this room over at 'Baby Space'.

18 October 2011

Ooh la la

room service

Sophie could not believe her eyes when breakfast was delivered to our room this morning.
She actually said "Ooh la la".
(I think we have been reading too much 'Fancy Nancy' lately!)

16 October 2011

The return


Well, here we are.. back in Sydney!
Tom had to come over for a week for work, so Sophie and I thought we would join him.

Other than hanging out in our fancy hotel, I plan to..

Visit my favourite cafe (Gertrude & Alice),
Walk through The Botanical Gardens,
Spend hours in Kinokuniya,
Eat delicious things from the Bourke St Bakery,
Play at Centennial Park,
Have dinner at Bill & Toni's and
Visit my family, of course!

12 October 2011

Adding to the pile..


Hmm.. It's funny how often I find myself in the fabric store.

10 October 2011

Mr Nutini


We have been listening to this album quite a bit lately.
It brings back memories!

His other album is pretty damn good too.

07 October 2011


pretty flowers



little houses


veranda + sunshine

cute little things

Tom and I are house sitting the most adorable little cottage for the next few weeks.
Complete with veggie-patch and sewing room.. It's the perfect place to play house!

03 October 2011


Yep, we got an iPad.
I love it.
Tom loves it.
Sophie Loves it.
Tom even cooks with it..

iPad love


With our Mac book, iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.. Tom was joking that we may actually fulfill all the criteria of 'stuff white people like'! Oh dear!

P.s Anyone like to come to our 'ugly sweater party'?
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