21 December 2010

Attack of the 40ft tomatoes


Tom has been giving me a hard time about having a blog called Grow. Cook. Sew. when I have spent very little time in the past few months doing any of the above! I did have a very good excuse though.


So our poor veggie patch has been completely neglected, but its actually been okay because at the beginning of spring we filled the veggie patch with tomato seeds.. 4 months later we have a veggie patch FULL of tomato plants that are now bigger than me!
I have never seen anything grow so fast in my life.. They are taking over the entire garden.

Bruschetta anyone?

20 December 2010

I want.. I need..

A girl can dream, right?

18 December 2010

A (literal) sea change

I had planned on getting back into the habit of blogging again daily since I am now feeling sooo much better and over the worst of the morning sickness and fatigue. But I have just been so busy trying to get all our home-made christmas presents made and send off in time, and I have been very busy making a life changing decision..

In March next year (which is only 3 months away).. Tom, Sophie, the bump and I will be saying goodbye to our home, our friends and our life in Sydney and moving to sunny PERTH!!!

It is a move that we have thought about on and off over the years and we have finally decided that we are going to do it. Tom's family are all in Perth and have (of course) been encouraging us to make the move for years..

I think it's going to be one of those things where we will look back in a few years and say "Why didn't we do this sooner"..
I hope anyway.

petth 2008
Tom, Sophie and me in Perth 2008

13 December 2010

My week..

A day at the beach..
picnic at the beach

The bump..
the bump

The rainbow butterfly..
the butterfly

One of my favourite things about summer..

Bar Italia..

A trip to the city..
train ride


And one very organised mummy.. (or not)

Does anyone else have their entire life scribbled on bits of paper?

10 December 2010

red sandals

red sandals

I bought these sandals for Sophie and I at the beginning of spring. I have spoken before about my new obsession with the colour red, so of course we both got new red sandals. The only problem is that I can't actually wear mine.. I have super small feet. Small in size and small in width, and these shoes are just way too wide for me.. I look like a clown when I wear them, so I'm not sure what to do.. Anyone want a pair of Size 5 Saltwater sandals? Sob.

Mine are Saltwater sandals from Little Pinwheel.
Sophie's are Scruffy Dog shoes from My Messy Room.

08 December 2010

100% home-made christmas

(Image via Geoparent)

I can't believe how unorganised I am this christmas.. I have not put the tree up, decorated the house or sent out any christmas cards and I have not bought a single christmas present! Usually, I would be freaking out.. (I have 6 brothers and sisters and Tom has 5 sisters so there is usually a very long shopping list*)..

But I am not feeling any pressure at all because Tom and I have decided to do a 100% home-made christmas.. we are not going to buy a single present this year.**

jam labels
(Image via Eat. Drink. Chic.

We are going to make bottles of home-made jam, home-made museli, home-made cordial and home-made cookies to send out to all our family and close friends. If we can get it all done in time, I think it will be excellent.. and something that we can continue to do every year.

I am hoping to make some pretty labels and package them all beautifully. I know that I would love to recieve a yummy home-made item and I hope that all our family and friends will too. So, I guess I should get started..

Ceci n'est pas une jam
(Image my first jam making attempt)

*No, neither of our families are catholic.. My parents each had 3 kids when they met so I have 6 older half brothers and sisters and Tom's parents separated after he was born and his dad went on to have 3 girls with his new wife and his mum went on to have 2 girls with her new husband, so he has 5 younger half sisters.. follow?

**Except for Sophie, who really wants a bike with training wheels!

07 December 2010


The tabloids are onto us..


Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my exciting news. I am starting to feel sooo much better in the past few days.. still a little tired, but no longer bed-ridden and nauseous. Now, I just have to start thinking about Christmas and Sophie's 3rd birthday which is 2 days after Christmas.. Ek!!

P.s Yes, can you imagine how much grief I get about being a Katie married to a Tom.. seriously people, it's not that hilarious.. Although, I do love collecting all the headlines. My favourite is on our fridge..


03 December 2010

I've got the magic..

Well, I can finally share my big secret with you..

Sophie's brother or sister..

I am 14 weeks pregnant today!! Wooo hooo!!

It has been a crazy few months. I have spent the last 8 weeks in bed with severe fatigue and dreadful morning sickness.. I was exactly the same when I was pregnant with Sophie, but I was lucky enough to take 6 weeks off work and spend the entire time in bed. This time however, I had a little one to look after and I have just had to do the best I can..

Sophie has watched more television in the last 2 months than she has in her whole life and my poor husband lived off take away because the smell of cooking anything other than toast would make me feel sick. (Usually Tom would just take over all the cooking, but it just happened to coincide with him being super busy at work which sucked big time.)

However, the worst thing about the last few months has been the sheer terror that I have been living with. After 2 previous miscarriages, I have spent the last few months literally on the verge of going crazy with fear. I was just soooooo worried that something would happen again and I had no idea how I would cope if it did.

But of course, I really can not complain at all.. I feel like I have been so hard done by in the fertility department but I know that next year I will have a newborn and a 3 year old and no one would ever suspect that I have had any problems at all.. I guess sometimes you just have to take a step back and look at the big picture..

So, feel free to have a large glass of champagne (or two) for me tonight!
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