21 December 2010

Attack of the 40ft tomatoes


Tom has been giving me a hard time about having a blog called Grow. Cook. Sew. when I have spent very little time in the past few months doing any of the above! I did have a very good excuse though.


So our poor veggie patch has been completely neglected, but its actually been okay because at the beginning of spring we filled the veggie patch with tomato seeds.. 4 months later we have a veggie patch FULL of tomato plants that are now bigger than me!
I have never seen anything grow so fast in my life.. They are taking over the entire garden.

Bruschetta anyone?


Steph said...

You so have been cooking a growing....a little eyebrow here, a chubby finger there, a curl or two of soft downy hair! Can't get much more creative than that I say!!! So excited for you about your big move and wish you all the success and adventure in the world. Rest those tootsies and keep on growing :)

Bron @ Baby Space said...

YUM. Did you know I love tomatoes? V impressed!


I know what you mean! With all this rain our garden has run wild - which is just the way I like it!

PS: I think the Aromatherapy Co giveaway I'm running might be right up your alley. Would love it if you dropped by...

kasthurirajam said...

beautiful tomatoes

Jacinta said...

Aren't you growing & cooking a baby? That is your reason there. We just grew a massive cauliflower. Very cool but we were eating it for a few days straight.
Congrats on the move to Perth. I'm born and bred there but have been in Melb for the past few years. Miss the weather and sunshine. Not sure I can say I miss my family... love em and all but right now our family life needs to be here. It is hard travelling with two under three though!
xo MODELmumma

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