08 December 2010

100% home-made christmas

(Image via Geoparent)

I can't believe how unorganised I am this christmas.. I have not put the tree up, decorated the house or sent out any christmas cards and I have not bought a single christmas present! Usually, I would be freaking out.. (I have 6 brothers and sisters and Tom has 5 sisters so there is usually a very long shopping list*)..

But I am not feeling any pressure at all because Tom and I have decided to do a 100% home-made christmas.. we are not going to buy a single present this year.**

jam labels
(Image via Eat. Drink. Chic.

We are going to make bottles of home-made jam, home-made museli, home-made cordial and home-made cookies to send out to all our family and close friends. If we can get it all done in time, I think it will be excellent.. and something that we can continue to do every year.

I am hoping to make some pretty labels and package them all beautifully. I know that I would love to recieve a yummy home-made item and I hope that all our family and friends will too. So, I guess I should get started..

Ceci n'est pas une jam
(Image my first jam making attempt)

*No, neither of our families are catholic.. My parents each had 3 kids when they met so I have 6 older half brothers and sisters and Tom's parents separated after he was born and his dad went on to have 3 girls with his new wife and his mum went on to have 2 girls with her new husband, so he has 5 younger half sisters.. follow?

**Except for Sophie, who really wants a bike with training wheels!


jess said...

http://www.creaturecomfortsblog.com/ has an online mag called gifted. It completely inspired me to do a few handmade decorations this year, you might like it too xx

Bron @ Baby Space said...

Fantastic idea! And how cute are all those jam jars at top?

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