10 December 2010

red sandals

red sandals

I bought these sandals for Sophie and I at the beginning of spring. I have spoken before about my new obsession with the colour red, so of course we both got new red sandals. The only problem is that I can't actually wear mine.. I have super small feet. Small in size and small in width, and these shoes are just way too wide for me.. I look like a clown when I wear them, so I'm not sure what to do.. Anyone want a pair of Size 5 Saltwater sandals? Sob.

Mine are Saltwater sandals from Little Pinwheel.
Sophie's are Scruffy Dog shoes from My Messy Room.


Helen said...

red is also my fave colour so i lovvvve your shoes - shame i'm not a size 5!!! i've been wanting some of those for ages

Maxabella said...

OMG, your feet really are tiny aren't they? As much as I am longing for a pair of red Saltwaters, I am ugly sister, not Cinderella! I am sure you will find her. x

Bron @ Baby Space said...

These are so cute!!! Shame about your pair...and my huge feet will def not fit them. Tee hee. Have a lovely weekend!

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