19 October 2011

Room. Love.



How gorgeous is this kids room? I love the cushions, the pillows, the draws, the suitcases, the old books and... everything.

(Tom's step-mum is in Bhutan for 5 weeks.. maybe she could bring me back two giant cushions!?)

You can see more photos of this room over at 'Baby Space'.


tea with lucy said...

clever claire! i loved this one too.

one claire day said...

Hello Katie! I've certainly heard of your blog before and seen it linked many places (and perhaps you've been to visit me and left a comment? Not sure)... but I've finally come to have a good look around and I'm so enjoying this little space of yours!

I was so devastated to read of the loss of your daughter, Grace... but absolutely thrilled to read about your (much longed for) current pregnancy.

I'm looking very much forward to hearing about your journey (obviously your metaphorical journey as it doesn't sound like you'll be going very far!).

I'll be sure to pop in here now and then to keep you company while you're on bed rest. Best wishes to you!

P.S - I was trawling through wondering where to leave a comment... then saw my daughters room and decided it was the perfect place : xx

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