14 July 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

Here are a few of the things I am longing for this week..

1. Mud Ceramics
Tom and I got given a collection of Mud bowls and plates as a wedding present. They have been used to death and I would love to get my hands on some more of their beautiful ceramics.
I also love that its all made in Australia.

2. Oliver + S patterns
I can't wait to order some of these super cute Oliver + S patterns.
I think I might have to wait till I'm a little more accomplished with the sewing machine though!

3. Vintage Bicycle
My bike got stolen a few years ago and I have been meaning to replace it ever since.
Sophie loves going to Centennial Park and hiring bikes for the day. She often wakes up and says "Mummy, can we go to cen-ten-noll park and I can sit on the back of daddy's bike and we can ride round and round?" Yes!


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