23 July 2010

Soundtrack of the month..

I always get stuck on one album that I play over and over until I am sick of it (Well usually Tom gets sick of it first and asks me very kindly to choose something else to play)!


At the moment it's Regina Spektor's album Far. I first saw Regina Spektor on rage one morning singing 'fidelity' and from then I was hooked. Tom and I were lucky enough to go and see her live last time she came to Sydney and it was on of the best concerts I have ever been to. She is one cool lady!


Rachel said...

I have just started reading your blog - have started right from the beginning! Wanted to say 'snap' as I too first discovered Regina Spektor on Rage singing 'Fidelity'! How funny is that!

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Thanks for your comment.. It is nice to know that there is someone out there (other than my husband) reading my posts! Xx

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