21 July 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

Well, why not make it a weekly ritual.. Here are a list of the things that I am loving this week..

1. Linen, Wool, Cotton


This cute little book has caught my eye a few times. I believe it was translated from Japanese into English.. Definitely on my wish-list!

2. Murchison-Hume

I came across these cleaning products last year and bought some. The bottles have only just run out! Not only are they all made with natural ingredients (no nasty chemicals!) and are made in Australia by a lovely family run business, they also look good! And hey, if I'm going to spend a large proportion of my time cleaning the house I may as well do it in style right?



3. Frankie magazine


Oh I do love Frankie! I wish it came out every month so I wouldn't have to wait so long between issues. Now, I have a little confession.. I actually own every single issue of Frankie since the magazine started! That's a whole lot of space on my bookshelf taken up with old magazines! But I cant stop, so I would love a subscription... (hint, hint, Tom..)


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