27 July 2010

Flea market finds

I found this lovely little post over at 'Her Library Adventures' about flea market finds and I was inspired to share some of my latest finds with you..

I had been looking for some sort of table or stand to fill this corner for a while and I found it last weekend for $10.. and yes, it is now full of Frankie magazines!

I got these super retro patterns for 10 cents each at a salvation army stall..

And I can never resist anything this colour (especially cosy blankies for $5)..

Tom actually chose a sapphire this exact colour for the centre stone in my engagement ring because he knew it was my favourite colour.. Yes, I am VERY lucky to have such a thoughtful husband.. (Tom, are you reading this?)

Last but not least.. my favourite tea cups of all time..

I cant take credit for these though. Tom's sister bought them at a flea market for me last Christmas.. I love them so much. I have been looking for a 4th cup and saucer ever since I got them.

It always feels special drinking tea from these cups.. I think its the sunny yellow colour and there is something very nice about using a cup and saucer instead of a mug.

P.s Tom and I went a little crazy last weekend and bought a Canon 550D camera so I hope that the quality of my photos will drastically improve in the next few weeks.. Bear with me!


Cherie said...

OOoooo Love your gorgeous treasures! Hope you have a wonderful week. xo

Maxabella said...

The teacups (and everything, really!) are just so lovely. There is such satisfaction in finding pre-loved things that you love too. x

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