13 July 2010

Great transaction

A few weeks ago I discovered Etsy. I went a little crazy. Yesterday I had my first purchase arrive on my doorstep..
Its a super cute Japanese sewing book, and yes, all of the instructions are in Japanese, but I just couldn't resist..
japan sewing
japan sewing
All the patterns are for really cute and simple kids clothes.. exactly the kind of thing that I dream of making. I thought I might wait till my mother in law (Helen) visits us next week before I attempt to try and make something. She is an amazing seamstress and I've heard that these Japanese pattern books can be quite easy to follow if you are experienced. This is a dress that Helen made (and smocked) about 25 years ago for one of her little girls..
I am so lucky that she kept them all stored away and every time we fly to Perth she pulls out a another smocked dress for Sophie to take home. I love it when people comment on one of the dresses and I can say "My mother in law made this dress almost 30 years ago".


Bron @ Baby Space said...

This book looks gorgeous and that is such a beautiful pic of Sophie :)

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