02 August 2010

Sunday Mondays

Well, here we are.. It's Monday again.
They seem to come around way too quickly!

This weekend we went to the park..

I finally got around to making jam..
(More on this later!!)

Sophie did some painting..

I started a dress for Sophie..

We made dumplings..

Sophie got hold of mummy and daddy's expensive camera..
sophie's foto

And we went to the park again..

I had such a productive Saturday, getting lots of little projects started. But in typical Katie style, got none of them finished.

Sunday went by in a flash. I woke up, had breakfast and then all of a sudden it was 4pm and I had not managed to do anything really.. But I guess that's how Sunday should be!


Steph said...

What a gorgeous weekend you had! Those mandies look delish and poppets paiting...gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for the wonderful link. Have spent a lovely cup of tea pottering around your blog and think it's lovely. Have added you to my side bar too. Wishing you a smiley and sunshiney week :)

Cath said...

Hi Katie, Just wanted to say that I think your blog is great and I love your taste in fabric. Sophies dress is looking fantastic.

Maxabella said...

Seems like a really lovely, productive weekend. I love it when time slows down and suddenly it's gone.

I'm new to your blog, but I love it here.

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