10 August 2010

Round and round the garden..

I have been so busy lately (sitting behind my sewing machine) that the garden has been a little neglected. So yesterday I was determined to spend the day in the garden weeding and planting..




Today, It is pouring with rain outside and Sophie has a little cold, so we are going to spend the day inside all warm and cosy. I plan to get a couple of sewing projects finished so that I can show them to you tomorrow, and I promised Sophie that we would make gingerbread men this afternoon.. Yum!


Maxabella said...

That little frog is a ray of sunshine, isn't it!? Can't believe our lovely weather lasted all of three days before the return of the rain. Grrrr... enjoy the sewing!

Steph said...

What yummy piccies! Rainy here today too so lots of crazy inside time...sheet cubby houses and sloppy kisses. Bliss!! Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday :)

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