23 August 2010

The big fat hen

The weekend started bright and early on Saturday morning (read: 6.30am) with a little dance in the hallway..

Dancing in the hallway

We spent the whole day at home cooking, cleaning, gardening and sewing (well actually, Tom did lots of cooking and gardening and I did lots of cleaning and sewing)..

Strawberry dress

On Sunday we headed off to Featherdale Wildlife Park about 40 minutes out of Sydney.



feeding time..

As we were driving home we asked Sophie what her favourite part of the day was and she replied "the big fat hen". So much for the long drive out there.. we could have just looked over the neighbours fence!


Bron @ Baby Space said...

LOL! V funny with the hen. We saw some hens this weekend too - and two pet snakes, a pet cockatoo, a dog and a cat. What did the toddler seem to like best? The cat.

Love this strawberry dress!! And the pics of Miss Sophie. Sweet.

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