20 August 2010

The good, the bad and the thrifty

I am getting excited. I can almost small it in the air.. Yes, Spring is just around the corner! The trees are all starting to grow new leaves, every flower in our garden has decided to bloom and yesterday I was at the park in a t-shirt!

But despite such a beautiful day, nothing could turn my little girl into a bundle of sunshine. No sir, she was a very grumpy little girl yesterday.
It was one of those days where the slightest thing would send her into a hysterical fit of crying and screaming on the floor. (She wanted green socks not blue, cheese on her sandwich not avocado, the book that we took back to the library months ago, not the one I was reading her..)

The poor little thing was just incredibly over-tired after a few nights of being sick and not sleeping properly, but I am sorry to say that if 'mothering' was my paid job.. yesterday I would have been close to handing in my resignation! I would have left crying and blabbering on about the 'unsuitable working conditions'. (In the same fantasy I take an 8 hour flight all alone, because the idea of being able to read my book uninterrupted for 8 hours while someone brings me food and tea sounds divine!)

So I thought I would calm my nerves today by sharing some of the cool flea market finds I have acquired in the last week (Ahh.. so that's why Sophie was so grumpy.. she was sick of being dragged around op-shops!)

I have already showed you my new picnic basket, but here it is again, because it may well be my best ever flea market find..
picnic basket

I found some more retro patterns (think play-suits and shoulder pads!)
retro sewing patterns

And some cute little clothes for Sophie.. $2 each..
red knit cardi

I'm sure some of my homemade washing powder will get the stains out of this one..
cute kids vest

Now, excuse me while I spend the day drinking chamomile tea and practicing deep breathing..


Steph said...

I'm having your yesterday..today! Bijou pulled a drawer out on her big toe this morning the poor love and it rapidly spiralled downhill from there. I'm feeling your pain...breathe, breathe. Hubby better be home early tonight. Wishing you a relazing weekend with a chirpy and independently playing wee one...we can dream can't we? :)

sue said...

I am impressed - hardly anyone seems to dress their little ones in woolen garments any more - they take quite a bit more looking after so I understand why but they are so cute! Hope you get to try out your basket soon as the weather warms up.

Thea said...

They don't call it the hardest job in the world for nothing. LOVE the picnic basket.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

the stone red cardigan? it's an absolute beauty!!

Cherie said...

Beautiful finds! Hope you have a lovely week!

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