26 August 2010


M for Max

If I had a dollar for every time Sophie said "Mummy, Max is my best friend" I would be a very rich girl (Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum).


So it was about time that I made something for little Max (aka the resident Baby Space toddler) and had my first adventure in making boys clothes..


I made him these super easy little shorts, and a matching linen toy bag.

name tag

Sophie and I are on our way to see Max now, hopefully he likes them (Although, I suspect that running off to the giant slippery dip with Sophie will be far more interesting!)

P.s Sorry, I have had fiddler on the roof in my head all week.. Help!


Amanda said...

Adorable and great job! I need to whip up some shorts for my little guy now that ya mention it :)

Steph said...

They are fab!! He'll love them almost as much as the slippery slide. You've done a wonderful job. Hope all is lovely :)

Bron @ Baby Space said...

You are hilarious with your humming! We LOVE the shorts. Thank you sooo much. (Post with shorts on, looming in Baby Space future.)

Wynona @ ivy designs said...

What a lovely present! You did good :) x

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