04 August 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

I really have to stop doing this post because it makes me want to buy more things and I am really trying not to buy more things. It's bad for the planet and it's really bad for my bank balance!

But, if I happen to find a few coins down the back of the couch this week I will promptly take myself to..

1. Gorman
I have always loved this Australian designer, and her new season range is one of the best so far.. (not that I can afford anything in the store!)

They are also selling these adorable limited edition Gorman bicycles in store.. I would love to be riding around town on one of these..


2. Trilogy
I have used Trilogy products for a few years now and I love them. Not only are they all natural, environmentally friendly and ethically produced they smell divine and work wonders..
Their pure rose hip oil is amazing. If you have never tried rose hip oil on your skin I highly recommend it.

3. Nikki Gabriel
Nikki Gabriel is a knitwear and textile designer, but she is more like a knitwear artist.
Nikki Gabriel

She recently developed her own bespoke yarn, collaborating with small farming communities and spinning mills in Australia to produce some beautiful wool and alpaca.
Nikki Gabriel

She also has these nifty little 'construction kits' that include patterns and wool..

Apparently its even suitable for beginners.. lucky me!


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