15 January 2012

Soh. Pie.


Sometimes Sophie writes her name as Sohpie.. I think it's so cute I can't stand to correct her.
Sophie is starting primary school in a few weeks, I cant believe that she is off to school already.. It's so sad!
Kids in WA start school a year earlier than they do in Sydney so I was not prepared for her to start this year (at 4 years old!)

Although.. this might be a good thing as fingers crossed I will be on bed-rest for a large part of 2012!


ruby may said...

Gorgeous, I love when kids do that. I once looked after a girl who wrote her names as BILLLLIE i think she couldn't figure out when to stop the Ls

Lizeylou said...

That is gorgeous ... Bet she is the cutest Sohpie around!

Amanda said...

That is too cute!! :) Hope Sohpie enjoys starting kindy :)

Kimberley said...

Oh bless.
It's amazing when the babies start writing. My daughter brings me pieces of paper with all sorts of shapes resembling letters. She's getting better at it each time, it's amazing really.
I hope Soh Pie enjoys school :)

Anonymous said...

This is such a bitter sweet time :)

GSims said...

keep it, our 7yo son still can't believe some of the drawings and writings are HIS! it's priceless to see his reaction.

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