07 January 2012

Japanese sewing books

Japanese sewing books..

Does anyone else have an obsession with Japanese sewing books? I just adore the patterns and photos and have based most of my designs for 'Snowpea' on them. I am so glad that they have just started to publish a few of them in English.

Speaking of 'Snowpea', I really wanted to launch my little business before Christmas but things got really busy and I realised that this was supposed to be a hobby for me.. I am not doing it to make money, I am doing it so that I have an excuse to buy pretty fabric and spend all my spare time sewing. I don't want to be there till 5am every morning just to get it all done..

So, at the moment I am just doing a little each day and I am just going to play it by ear. I would like to have my little shop up and running in the next month or so but I'll see how I go.. 2012 is all about taking it easy for me!


jodi said...

Poet is looking forward to wearing 'snowpea' ;) x

jodi said...

ps. why don't you change your blog name to snowpea?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I love the Japanese paterns and styles. I've actually got the Stylish Dress Book, by Yoshiko Tsukiori, on my birthday wishlist.

Snowpea sounds very exciting. I wish you all the best.


Anonymous said...

Snowpea is such a sweet name :)
I have only seen the Japanese pattern books online but they have some fab designs.
I kind of got a bit ahead of myself last year with starting to make and sell baby crochet hats and slippers, it's been good taking a step back to reassess and realise that I too need to go slowly.
Good luck, looking forward to seeing your range.


potts.family said...

That sounds like an awesome plan - take it easy and snowpea will come when you are ready!!

Tania said...

I like the sound of Snowpea too. Wishing you all the best with your new business.
I too love the Japanese books, though only own the Stylish Dress book and Carefree Clothes for Girls. I'm yet to try any of the patterns, but if they are successful I will likely be buying more. The patterns have a beautiful simplicity to them that is hard to find in commercial patterns here.

yifarn said...

I am addicted to Japanese sewing books too, I've been sewing for about 5 years now and I've got quite a good collection ;) There are a few of them that I hardly make anything out of but I bought them for inspiration and just because they are so beautiful. Anyway, I recently started a blog sharing information about Japanese sewing books and how to use them. www.japanesesewingbooks.com So far I've translated a list of commonly used terms and I'm trying to post (regularly) reviews and pictures of the books in my collection, and if anyone needs help with translations, I will be happy to do so!

thejadeleaf said...

Yep.Me too. Obsession.

Jade x

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