27 January 2012

Feelin' hot hot hot

There's a storm coming..

Oh, it's about 42 degrees in Perth right now. Apparently it's the hottest week on record in over 50 years.. and it is killing me! I like hot weather, I really do.. but this? This is unbearable. It is actually to hot to leave the house!

Last night we headed down to the river to watch the Australia Day fireworks. A huge storm came over the city and everyone just sat there in the rain.. getting some relief from the heat of the last few days.

Mother nature decided to out-do the fireworks display by putting on the most amazing lightning storm at the same time. I couldn't get a decent picture on my phone, but I found this one. It was pretty amazing.


sar said...

oh wow i am with you on this. Though in ALice today it's a cool 38 degrees - it really does feel kind of nice compared to last weekend's 42.

42 is not okay.

i also spend my time in the house, going mad with my nearly-one-year-old. sometimes we visit another friend and sit in their air conditioned living room instead of ours, just to mix things up a bit.

Other times we go to the local indoor pool...but it's not so nice (we keep finding poo there, for example.). so...we dream of beaches and cool changes.

good luck


Bron said...

It was pretty spectacular last night...the rain was welcome relief from the heat of the day. x

GSims said...

it would've been great to take our sons to the Australia Day carnival but it was cancelled because of constant rain. our toddler loves fireworks on tv but he would've loved the real thing. great you got out to enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I was over the heat....I'm more an Autumn/Winter girl so summer kills me.

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