09 January 2012

Esperance (Paradise)

Esperance 1

Esperance 2

Esperance 3

Esperance 4

Esperance 5

When we drove across Australia in March last year we stopped at a little place called Esperance on the south coast of West Australia for a few nights.. and it was there that we found paradise.
If you ever happen to be near Esperance you must visit Cape Le Grand national park. These photos were taken at Hellfire Bay and I have not retouched them in any way.. this is actually what it looked like!
AH-mazing! I still have dreams about this place!


Amanda said...

We love Esperance too! Paul's uncle and aunty live there so every now and then we go for a little visit (although we haven't been for a few years now). I too found the beaches breathtaking with the pure white sand and crystal clear water. Did you go to Lucky Bay where the kangaroos are found right next to the beach?

Chibi Run said...

Esperance looks beautiful and amazing. Thanks for sharing your photos!
Being in Melbourne that's kinda chilly and windy for a good part of the year, our beaches definitely don't look anywhere as great as that!
I'm glad you put your link on Fat Mum Slim otherwise I wouldn'r have found your wonderful blog. I'm doing the challenge too at my blog www.chibirun.blogspot.com.

Now...gonna follow you on twitter so I can see your challenge photos! :) xx Germaine

Helen said...

wow that does look amazing!

Rachael said...

That is such a gorgeous place!! Love the color of the water! So clear and blue!

Anonymous said...

We have never ventured far from home since moving to Perth but this year we want to get out more and explore the little treasures such as this...thanks for sharing and inspiring me :)

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

OH MY GOODESSS!!! look at that paradise. Love WA

xo em

Lillie said...

Esperance is incredible, we love elephant beach in Denmark as well. I never realised how beautiful it is in wa till we moved here!

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

Oh crikey, that is paradise! Absolutely stunning beach.

Lizeylou said...

WOWZA ... now that is stunning.

rebekah @ justfordaisy said...

WOW! This is truly amazing! We've been to WA a few times but will have to put Esperance on our list!
I'm now following your blog! ): Please come and visit at Just For Daisy! :)

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