21 January 2012


Tom made me breakfast with (beetroot sourdough) toast in the shape of a love heart..

Tom made my (beetroot sourdough) toast into a love heart this morning.

I wish I could say that I had big plans for my 29th year, but I actually hope to be lying around in bed for most of the year (quite literally).

I started the day opening presents in bed. Tom bought me a lovely robe (because I plan to spend most of this year in my pyjamas!)
We had some of the family over for breakfast and then had more family over for lunch. We then headed to Matilda Bay in the afternoon and then to a friends house for dinner. It was a very relaxed and very lovely day..

I think 29 is going to be a very good year!


knitgirl66 said...

Happy Birthday - it sounds like you had a lovely day. I wish my husband made me breakfasts like that!!! Best wishes and thoughts for the year ahead.

Amanda said...

Happy 29th birthday!! Glad you were spoilt and had a nice time celebrating xx

Tash said...

I think so too Kellie. Happy birthday! Sounds like it's been a wonderful start to 29.

I hope to spend most of this year on bed rest too. Next weekend we're off on a road trip to the country to do some snowshoeing before my next IVF cycle. We're telling ourselves that this will our last activity of the year before the doctor puts me on bed rest. Trying to put that energy out into the universe anyway.


jodi said...

Happiest day Katie.

Sending you an ocean of blessings - may it be year of growth, hope, love and faith.

Thinking of you on your journey...often.

all my love x

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Katie...here's to a year of dreams coming true and being blessed beyond measure.


joanna said...

Happy Birthday - here's to your dearest wish coming true xx

Steph said...

Wishing you a wonderful year ahead full of bliss! May all your dreams come true lovely girl :) xx

hattieandthefox said...

Happy birthday Katie and may 2012 bring you and Tom your hearts' desire. I am working on my own resolutions - start a blog, tick! Alison (from Denmark) xx

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