15 January 2012

Lovely Christmas things..

Picnik collage

xmas 2

These are a few of the cool presents I got for Christmas.. Being married to a guy with 2 sets of parents (dad/step-mum and mum/step-dad) plus 5 sisters means that I get spoilt rotten every year.

This year I got lots of cool things including a lovely Gorman top, a necklace from Pigeonhole, a ring and candles from Mr.Sparrow, an embroidery book, the milk jug and a very pretty dress.. plus loads of other things that I still have to photograph. (I can't wait to show you the dress that one of Tom's sisters made me!)

What lovely things did you get? Please share..


Amanda said...

Love that ring! You got some lovely presents. One of my favourite presents was a black wooden beaded necklace from my Mum.

potts.family said...

What Devine presents you received. You deserve them all too! I was also very spoilt this year. Top gift was definetly a weekend away minus the kids (with an offer for babysitting of course), thanks mum and dad!!

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