31 March 2012

So attractive (and so organised).

Such a pretty bride

This is actually what most of the photos of me taken at our wedding look like. I almost decided never to laugh again after I saw the 328th photo of me pulling this face at various times throughout the day and night. (What am I doing? Is that really how I laugh?)

I thought I better tell you a bit more about our wedding, you see, from the pictures here you may be fooled into thinking that the whole thing was quite organised and traditional but it was more like this..

I woke up on the morning of our wedding and went to my usual Saturday morning yoga class. When the class was finished the teacher asked if any one had plans for the beautiful day ahead and I laughed and said "Yes, I'm getting married in a few hours!".

I walked home past the local florist and asked if they could make me a bouquet (yes, a few hours before the wedding.. they loved me I'm sure). I went home and got ready with all Tom's sisters, his mum, step-mum, my mum and my best friend. There were so many people getting ready in our tiny apartment that I only managed to get into the shower about 5 minutes before I was supposed to get married.. seriously!

We got married at Vaucluse House which is a beautiful old heritage building with beautiful gardens in Sydney.. luckily, it was only about 5 minutes drive from where we lived at the time. I got dressed and did my hair and make-up in about 10 minutes and was off.

I sometimes look back and wish that I had been a little more organised, but at the same time I think the fact that it was so relaxed made it all the better.

We didn't have a professional photographer either, all the photos were taken by friends (a few of whom just happen to be fantastic photographers!) which may explain why there are so many photos of me looking like this. Sigh.


Michele said...

Funny enough, I think this photo is gorgeous too! It's real.

I didnt plan on a bouquet. I was going to hold a Bible and Rosary. On our wedding day, my husband dropped off a bouquet he had had made the night before by a local florist. So, I hear you!

Alison said...

Katie, that sounds like the perfect way to spend the morning before getting married. I planned on spending mine at the beach but was foiled by a thunderstorm, so hung out with my girlfriends at their chalet instead while my mum and sister had their hair done. I had super short hair at the time so just ruffled a bit of wax through and was ready to go. I have a much worse photo of me looking like a she-devil I am laughing so hard - and that was taken by a photo-journalist buddy.

Kitty said...

Love it!
There's a few photos of me looking like I have serious botox lips!
I love your morning too. Mine was spent setting up the food at the reception. I'd made it all with my family. It was a great stress free morning hanging out.

Accidental Lentil... said...

Hahaha! excellent photo. i didn't think they let people laugh like that at Vaucluse House. Just kidding. You still look hot.

Anonymous said...

Just the way you should be on your wedding day - "natural" :)

You look gorgeous !

Anonymous said...

You are a natural beauty Katie :)
Our wedding, 13 yrs ago today, was just as relaxed an affair in the most wonderful of ways.

liz said...

So funny, I can't believe how many photos there are of me on my wedding day pulling some sort of wild laughing hyena face!! At least I know I was having a good time. (your dress is so beautiful!)

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