27 March 2012


Crochet hooks

Look what arrived on my doorstep this morning. Now, I just need to figure out how to crochet.
Apparently that is easier said than done.
Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

How fantastic and thoughtful. Crochet is easy once you get the hang of it. The thing I found the hardest was finding a comfortable way to hold the wool and the hook. Once you have that mastered, you're set.
Pip from Meet me at Mikes had a recent tutorial on granny squares.

Coal Valley View said...

I was just about to say the same as above - definitely have a look at Pip's "A Granny A Day" post because I literally learnt how to crochet just last Saturday by following along with her tutorials. You will love it! It's slightly addictive! I found I only needed to do one square and now working on a little blanket. I wish someone had told me how enjoyable it was :-D
Good luck. Mel x

Jes said...

i've been wanting to try it for ages! Think i might just go and buy some needles this weekend. Looking forward to hearing how you go with it. What do you think you will make?

Emma Steendam said...

My new year's resolution for the past seven years has been to learn to crochet...this year is the year! My husband and I are travelling around Australia and of an evening with not much to do I've finally picked up the crochet hook. So far I've figured out how to do a slip knot, a chain stitch and single crochet. Getting there! I agree that Pip Lincolne's tutorials are the best, I looked at lots on youtube but hers were definitely the ones that made the most sense/felt the most comfortable. Good luck!

Amanda said...

Learning to crochet has been on my list of goals for the year for the past two years - I still haven't picked up a crochet hook :) One day... Can't wait to see what you make x

Freyja said...

Oh I tried and tried with youtube tutorials, I kept asking the video to slow down so I could catch up!
Then a friend visited and showed me how just last week... to easy.
Ask someone to come and sit with you for a couple of hours for a stitch and bitch, it'd be such a lovely way for you to learn since you're stuck where you are and could maybe use a visit anyway.

Anonymous said...

As someone who learnt to crochet this time last year, I can say in all honesty that once you master the basic stitches you will be off :)
Is there someone near by who can show you? If not youtube has some great tutorials.

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