28 March 2012


wedding photo

Katie & Tom

t, k & s

twoo wuvs kiss

Today is our 3rd wedding anniversary.

To my darling husband, 

Even though you are slightly obsessive with cleaning and can't relax until the house is clean and all the washing is done, even though you love spending all your spare time cooking delicious meals, even though you bring me special treats from the farmers market every weekend, even though you bring me tea and breakfast in bed every morning, even though you spend every second of your time making sure that Sophie and I are happy and healthy..

I still love you.


Helen said...

happy anniversary!! your wedding photos are just gorgeous. congrats on 3 years :)

Kitty said...

Happy anniversary!
Don't you look gorgeous.
It's our three year anniversary today too.

Alison said...

Happy anniversary! Such beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!
Have a wonderful day.

Victoria said...

Beautiful photos. Congratulations.

Sally @ Us+House=Home said...

Wow, you were a beautiful bride, Katie. Adore your dress. Happy Anniversary! xo

little miss olive said...

oh my. your wedding dress. your hair. your smile = perfection. absolutely stunning!

Michele said...

Happy 3rd! You're lovely- and that dress is amazing!

Amanda said...

Happy anniversary!! You made such a gorgeous bride - your dress with that stunning lace is divine and your smile in that second shot is gorgeous. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing them with us xx

Coal Valley View said...

These photos are stunning!! Happy Anniversary :-)

Anonymous said...

You are such a gorgeous couple Katie and you are radiant in these pictures :)
Happy Anniversary.

Natalie said...

What gorgeous pics - happy anniversary.
We got married 29 March 2009!

Anonymous said...

Katie and Tom! These pictures look so lovely. You are an amazing couple and perfect match. So happy for you. Hope the little boy will soon make your family complete and happy. I keep all my fingers crossed.

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