02 April 2012

Little old lady

Tom and Sophie. Rose Bay

My husband hates confrontation. He is one of those people who like to go around causing as little trouble as possible and in the 5 years we have been together I don't think I have seen him get angry or raise his voice once.
So I was particularly proud of him when he came home from work a few days ago and told me this story..

Tom arrived at the bus stop on his way to work only to find his bus just pulling away. He sat down and pulled out his book when the little old lady next to him started chatting. She was polite and asked him if he could check what time the bank opens "on his computer" and pointed to his phone.
He looked up the bank times and told her, then as he opened his book to continue reading another woman (in her 40's) arrived at the bus stop. 

The little old lady started chatting to the younger woman and for 20 minutes Tom sat there listening to a very disturbing conversation. The dear old lay turned out to be a complete raving racist and Tom could not believe the things that were coming out of her mouth. He felt the urge to pipe up and set her straight on quite a few issues that she clearly had missed the facts on, but he reminded himself that it would not benefit anyones day to cause an argument at the bus stop with a little old lady, even if she was a narrow minded looney.

Finally Tom's bus arrived and as he stood up the old lady said "There you go young man, you have had a lesson" Tom looked at her and said "what?" and she replied "You have had a good lesson" and just as Tom stepped onto the bus he turned and said "What? In Bigotry?"

Apparently as the bus was pulling away she shouted out "I'm not a bigot, you little bastard"

I imagined her walking around for the rest of the day saying (insert your best old granny voice here) "you will not believe what a young man called me at the bus stop this morning.. those young people of today have no respect.."


/Photo of Tom and Sophie in Sydney a few years ago/


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