04 April 2012

Mummy. In bed.

"Mummy at home in bed"

Sophie drew me this picture yesterday. It's me at home in bed. Of course!

Someone asked yesterday what 'bed rest' actually means. My Obstetrician likes to call it "Full bed rest with toilet and shower privileges". It means that I have to spend every second in bed but I am allowed to get up to go to the toilet and have one short shower per day. (In hospital I was on bed rest with no toilet or shower privileges.. Oh boy, I don't want to see another bed pan as long as I live!)

When I am in bed I have to be lying down flat. For me, sitting up is just as bad as standing up.
The reason is because they think I have a condition called 'Incompetent Cervix' and they believe that it is the weight of the baby pressing down on your cervix that causes it to open prematurely. So the rationale is that if you have no weight on your cervix (by not standing or sitting up) then the cervix will stay closed until full term. That along with the cervical stitch is what will hopefully keep me pregnant for another 20 weeks or so.

I've been in bed for 34 days now. I have to admit that I am feeling much better than I was a few weeks ago. I guess I have just settled into the routine and accepted the fact that I need someone to help me do everything (bring me every meal etc.) I am enjoying the cool change here in Perth and it is nice to have the endless time to read and knit and do all those things that a busy life does not usually allow for.

I do miss going outside. Terribly. Sophie learnt to ride a bike on the weekend and she was so upset that I could not come to the park and see her ride. My body is getting sore and I feel like I could run a marathon because my legs are so restless. My muscles will deteriorate over the next few months and I have been told that even walking around the block will be a challenge for me once the baby is born (due to lost heart and lung capacity).

But, I have survived the first month and only five more to go. I know that it will be worth every second at the end and I'm trying to remind myself that one day I will be getting up all night with a newborn and  will wish that I could do nothing but lie in bed all day.. may as well enjoy it while I can!


Alison said...

That must have been heartbreaking not to be there to watch Sophie reach that milestone. Our four year olds are in synch - Darcy learned on Sunday while I ran behind him (Dad was busy marking assignments but came when I shouted at him to get outside). I am glad that you have shower and toilet privileges. I didn't have them and did feel quite undignified crawling around the house (no pressure on the cervix on all fours!) One month down. You are doing so well.

Becs said...

I hope with everything that this goes 100% well for you! X

Anonymous said...

I was on bed rest for 16 weeks with my daughter - from 20 weeks to 36 weeks. I also had a cerclage and incompetent cervix. We delivered a healthy baby girl. Bed rest did get easier, but I had many bad moments of isolation and boredom. Of course it was all worth it and I would do it 100 times over. It really did save our baby girl. Hang in there and enjoy the rest. I sometimes wish I had let myself enjoy / appreciate it! Ha!

Caitlin said...

Do you want a US penpal? I promise I'm good at snail mail!

Angela said...

You are amazing. Don't forget that.

Nikki Fisher said...

Sending you all the very best for your bed rest time. May all the patience, love and support be there for you and your family.

Jane said...

Oh my goodness, what a trooper you are! I'm sending all my positive energies your way.


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