04 April 2012


One perfect morning..

Look at what arrived on my doorstep yesterday.

Have you read Kinfolk? I do believe it has just become my favourite magazine. (Do you call it a magazine? It does not really feel right, it feels like a book that you will keep forever. One that you will put on the bookshelf so you can see it everyday and be careful not to bend the corners when you pick it up to read.. or is that just me?)

Did you know it is also available on iPad? (But it really is much nicer holding it in your hands and turning those smooth matt pages while sipping tea. Earl grey I think.)


Gaby said...

I feel like I'm the only person in the world (read - the blogosphere) who hasn't yet seen a real live copy of kinfolk. Perhaps i should remedy that... Did you order yours online? x

Elsie Butterscotch said...

No Gaby, you are not alone, I've not had the joy yet. I must remedy this asap and get a copy of Kinfolk.

Hope you are well Katie x

Katie:: Grow.Cook.Sew. said...

I felt the same way which is why I ordered myself a copy as soon as this issue came out (number 2 was sold out everywhere).
I got it online here:


Lizeylou said...

Oh how I love Kinfolk. And I agree - to have and hold is so much better than online. Its just so pretty!

jodi said...

I'm currently piecing paragraphs together for a future edition of kinfolk. fancy critiquing it before I send it off to the editor? x

Eugenia said...

I don't know how I ended up here in your blog, but I just wanted to wish you all the best and good energy for the road ahead :)

Anonymous said...

I have seen it floating around recently and itching to read it, I think I may just order it myself :)

green tea and red nails said...

oh love! i haven't received my issue 3 yet - i keep hoping every time the mailman stops that he will have it for me but no such luck yet!

Kel x

cassie said...

i haven't held an issue in my hands, but i do love it on my iPad. the videos almost make up for the fact that it isn't paper :)

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