23 November 2011

News + shoes


Want to hear a funny story? The winner of my lark giveaway was a woman who lives in WA, when she gave me her address I asked her (as a joke) if she knew some friends of ours who lived in the same town. Not only did she know our friends, but we realised (after several emails) that her husband went to primary school with Tom and used to live across the road from where we live now. Tom had not spoken to him in years, but remembers spending school holidays at his parents holiday house! Seriously, how small is the world!

I have to go to the hospital every few days for blood tests at the moment as part of my fertility treatment. I look like a human pincushion.. my poor arms are full of holes!

You may have noticed my new blog design. I am so, so happy with the re-design by the very talented Mervi from 'My Best Friend Jules'. If you are thinking about a new design for your blog I can highly recommend Mervi. She was such a pleasure to deal with!

And in other news, Sophie likes to dress like me. Sometimes she even gets changed just so she can wear "the same as mummy". Its a little embarrassing. Hence the matching shoes (luckily not the same colour)!


one yellow jumpsuit. said...

I love your new blog design. It looks gorgeous.

That's so sweet that Sophie loves your style. I often accidently end up in the same clothes as our girls. It usually happens when I am trying to get them both dressed for school and when we arrive at school, I realise that we are all wearing stripes. Oops.

I also hope your fertility goes well. Love Hannah xx

Anonymous said...

That is so cute! Like mother, like daughter..
Your new blog looks really nice!!
I would love to know what you're doing/eating to try and improve your fertility. Doing a post on that would be really great. I am also trying to get pregnant and love getting tips from people who are also trying.

joanna said...

Hope your treatment goes well - fingers crossed!!x love the new look.

tea with lucy said...

I know. My head is still spinning at the small {blog} world-ness of it all, even by Perth / WA standards!

Aila (who is a couple of weeks younger than Sophie} is fashion obsessed. She refused to let me out of the house in shorts yesterday. demanded i put on a skirt or dress.


MissMaya said...

I hope you treatment goes well. I have matching pincushion arms from my treatment.

I love your blog.

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