12 November 2011

The F word.


I am so friggin sick of seeing this stupid friggin single pink line.
For F sake, what the hell is going on?!

Month after month of disappointment.
It's killing me.

All I want is to be pregnant again.
Having to deal with infertility on top of the pain of losing Grace is unbearable.

Completely unbearable.
(Insert F word here).


Jane Delrieux said...

That sux! Keep your chin up. Fingers crossed next month is your month. I went through over a year of reading one line on those tests and now I have 3 boys. I still remember the pain and despair of that time.
I love your blog, its gorgeous. I stumbled across it about a year ago and check in every now and again to read. I was so sad about Grace. I think you and your husband are very brave and you both seem lovely.

Tania said...

This must be unbearably frustrating. Sending hugs xo

Anonymous said...

Praying that you see the double lines really soon!x

joanna said...

oh I understand all too well, and truly empathasize - especially how much harder it would be for you after losing Grace - heartbreaking. Trying to fall pregnant and not being able to, truly sux big time. I wish you well xxxx

Lexi:: PottyMouthMama said...

Oh shit balls. That sucks.

I'm praying and hoping a strong double pink line comes up super soon.

Lots of love, xxx

tea with lucy said...

oh crap. that bites the big one.

small catalogue said...

That is just (F) pants

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