09 November 2011

It's almost here..

Summer, that is.


One of my favourite things about Perth is that the sun sets over the ocean.
It's such a novelty for someone who grew up on the east coast.


Anonymous said...

I agree on the novelty bit. I grew up in the country in NSW, so the ocean was always a novelty until I moved to the coast... now it's an integral part of my existence. My parents live in Adelaide and it is totally abstract to see the sun setting over the sea. I am an early bird so I am glad it rises over the ocean here, but I see your point. xx

tea with lucy said...

here's a random thing i sometimes ponder. why powderfinger (from Qld) sing about sunsets over the beaches and john butler (from WA) sings about sunrise over sea. hmmmm.

Katie said...

I was actually going to call this post 'sunsets over the beaches' but I was not sure if many people would get the powderfinger reference!

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