15 November 2011

Fun, Not so fun, Fun.

little fairy

We went to a fairy birthday on the weekend. Sophie thought it was the best thing ever.

Today I had a Hysterosalpingograph. (Yep!) It is where they inject radioactive dye into your uterus to make sure your fallopian tubes are working. It hurt. ALOT.

Last night Tom and I went and saw 'Midnight in Paris'. I thought it was brilliant.


small catalogue said...

Love love love the new look! And agree, hysterosalpingograms are hella painful. I 'specially love it when the doctor says 'this will sting... a little bit'.

Little Nan said...

Or when the (male) doctor says, this will just hurt a little, like a period cramp...like he would know! And it hurts so much that I almost passed out! Yep, not a nice feeling. Anyway, love your little blog! It's lovely!

bron @ baby space said...

Went and saw Midnight in Paris -- agree : it was enchanting.

Meg said...

Hi Katie, am just looking at your blog after my FB query...gosh your Sophie is adorable and your blog looks like something I need to add to my must reads...Am seeing this flick on the w.e and cant wait and have had my share of fertility issues (ongoing)....Thanks for sharing.

Nicole said...

Cute new blog! Hope the proecedure went ok...I had that done before our little girl came along...because we thought for a while that it'd be difficult for me to get pregnant. Seems I just had to be very very patient. It was a hard time. And I'm so grateful for everything that we have now!

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