11 November 2011

Husband of the year..


Exhibit A.

This is my husband. (In France. Ooh la la.)
This morning in the time between getting up and going to work, he..
-made a pot of tea, took his dad a cup of tea in bed (like he does every morning.. so cute!)
-showered, dressed, dressed Sophie.
-cleaned Sophie's room and packed away all her toys, folded all her clean clothes
-made her bed
-hung out the wet washing that I forgot about yesterday
-Put on and hung another load of washing
-did the dishes
-made Sophie's lunch for school
-made Sophie pancakes and then..
-brought me pancakes IN BED!!!!!

He did this all before I had even opened my eyes, and this is actually what he does almost every morning before I wake up! Sometimes he even fits in a run too.

I know. You hate me.
P.s Did I mention that Tom speaks fluent French too?


Lexi:: PottyMouthMama said...

Aye carumba. He is a catch and a half. Any man that can make a cup of tea, pancakes, tidy, showers - himself (AMAZEBALLS) and his daughter, does the washing and so much more, A+ top of the class, gold star.

Matt needs lessons. When can I enrol him?

Anonymous said...

He is lovely, and you deserve him. My husband is quite self sufficient also, but still not quite so thoughtful.
ENJOY!! (and gloat as much as you can).

Rainie said...

Ohh la la. You lucky devil. Nice to see (or read as such) :)

small catalogue said...

Shut! Up! (You are decidedly deserving, of course) xx

Sal {Daniel and I} said...

Oh la la! You did well! I thought I lucked out with my man but wow!

A beautiful blog you have here! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Sal x

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