22 November 2011

Party time


It has taken us 4 years to realise that no one wants to go to a party the day after boxing day (Sophie's birthday). So this year we are having her party a month early.

I bought these gorgeous invitations and party bags from Poppies for Grace.

How cute are the lolly bags! I really love this brand, even if the name makes me sad.


bron @ baby space said...

Great idea to have the party early! These invites and party bags are so lovely. And your blog redesign is gorgeous :)

Kimberley said...

Hello! I've just found your sweet blog...
My son's birthday is the day after boxing day too. He'll be two this year, it's the first time we're bothering with a party. We'll also celebrate his birthday early in future, but this year we'll have a small gathering on the day since he's still so little.
I love the look of your party bags. Our children are still quite young so we've never gone all out for birthday parties, but this is a little bit inspiring... might have to change that next year.

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