02 November 2011

Bling, bling


When I met Tom I told him that if we got married I did not want a diamond engagement ring (I know.. crazy right?)
Luckily when we got engaged (a few months later!!) Tom decided that what I meant was "I would probably love a diamond ring, thanks very much!"

Tom chose the stones for this ring and then designed the ring himself and had it made. He did this all without me knowing a thing, so that when he proposed it was a complete surprise (the proposal and the ring).

Sometimes I still just sit and stare at it.


one yellow jumpsuit. said...

I do the exact same thing with my engagement ring (and we've been married for nine years).

Your ring is beautiful! Don't you love it when they do secret things for you. xx

Tania said...

It's beautiful! I love the story behind it. Mine too was white gold, but with a simple little diamond. Unfortunately it fell out a few years ago so I think we need to do something about that soon...

nicole said...

That's beautiful. I have a blue stone too...a big round one like a lagoon...because we're both water people. I said exactly the same thing to my husband and when he proposed he did so with a sweet small ring he found in Bali. The next day when we went surfing I was beside myself that it would come off. And that's when I realised how special it is to have an engagement ring. It's a celebration of love! x

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