05 June 2012

Technology is amazing..

Technology is amazing..

Last week at the ultrasound we got this amazing picture of the little man inside my belly.
It always blows me away what technology can do these days.

I remember we got the same '3D' ultrasound when I was pregnant with Sophie (back then you had to go to a special '3D ultrasound' place) and they could not get a proper picture because she was upside-down and facing backwards..
We ended up with a pretty scary looking picture of a baby with a very squashed face and I was quite sad afterwards because I was worried that we were going to have a very funny lookin' baby. (How silly is that!)

Of course, she came out as the sweetest and most perfect little thing, so I know now not to pay too much attention to how these ultrasounds can sometimes look a little scary.. it's still so exciting to get a glimpse of life in-utero!


Nellie McCarthy said...

Technology is so amazing and you must just love being able to see your little man so well. I'm so glad that all is going well for you. xx

little miss olive said...

what a beautiful picture! you're so right...technology is amazing.

i had the same thoughts about olive's picture ultrasounds too (because she was breech and had both her legs and her arms in front of her face and we couldn't see much at all)...so all of a sudden i also worried that she would be funny looking. :)

Heidi /Imwithleia said...

lovely picture - you know I just had to show my mum and share your story - we are both sending good stay-in-belly thoughts your way.

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