06 June 2012

Hey big spender

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I have to admit that I have been doing a bit of online shopping while on bed rest. The majority has been for the little man (and I plan to do a post about all the cute little things I have bought him soon) but every so often the postman arrives with something exciting for me.

The funny thing is that despite my online spending sprees (not really!) we are still saving much more money every week than what we used to just because I am on bed rest. It's amazing how a coffee with friends, a magazine, picking up lunch from the local bakery to eat at the playground etc. etc. all used to add up so quickly.
If you are trying to save money I can highly recommend locking yourself in your bedroom for 6 months!
Just don't bring your laptop!

Here are some of the things that I have bought in the past few weeks..

Dress from Gorman.
Burts Bees 'Mama Bee Belly Balm' from Adore Beauty.
Sandals from Topshop. (Yes, I know it's winter here.. but I could not resist!)
Jacket from Topshop.


Laura said...

That dress paired with those sandals will make for an absolutely perfect outfit!

Emma Steendam said...

I love everything you've picked, great choices, simple, classic and totally what I would pick. And if I was in bed for six months I'd be spoiling myself rotten, so very restrained! Can't wait to see your sweet baby boy picks :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely selection. Shopping is a good distraction too -- hang in there.

little love said...

Love that dress. And those sandals! xx

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