18 June 2012

Home grown


Just before we moved to Perth, Tom, Sophie and I lived in a house with a veggie patch in the garden and we had just got to the point where we were eating food from our own garden on a daily basis.
I loved the satisfaction I got from growing veggies at home and there was something so nice about walking out to the garden and pulling a lettuce from the dirt just moments before you are going to eat it.

As much as I can't wait to move into our own house so we have our own space again, I am really looking forward to growing our own veggies again. In the meantime, I am lucky that Tom's mum and step-mum both have amazing veggie patches and are regularly donating produce to our fridge!


Beck said...

Love love home grown vegies! Just stumbled upon your blog... loving it :) I'll be back!!
xo Beck

Sally @ Us+House=Home said...

Look at those lovely fresh carrots. Starting a veggie patch is the thing I'm most looking forward to about overhauling our (currently horrendous!) backyard.

Maxabella said...

I am hoping it will be me harvesting carrots next June. Delish, x

Anonymous said...

Those carrots look perfect. I can't seem to grow nice straigh carrots. Mine end up with a few fingers and rather stumpy.
Don't you love dreams of starting your new veggie garden one day.

tea with lucy said...

There's nothing like it is there. Local, seasonal, organic (if you choose) produce at its best!

rachel xo

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