20 September 2010

Too much of a good thing

I made one of the first mistakes of an amateur gardener.. I planted all our broccoli seeds on the same day about 4 months ago.. So, you can guess what has happened, Right? Now we have all our broccoli flowering at once!

broccoli salad

I have eaten so much broccoli in the last few days. You name it, I have eaten it.. steamed broccoli, mashed broccoli, broccoli pasta, broccoli salad.

This broccoli, chickpea and goats cheese salad was one of the highlights, But lesson learnt.. Don't plant a whole packet of seeds at once!


Anna @ Around My Table said...

Lovely blog! I'm glad I found it.

Steph said...

The exact same thing is happening to us with cherry tomatoes and baby spinach. They have literally exploded all over the garden. I just need to have an olive tree and make it rain balsamic vinegar and bocconcini and I'd have the world's biggest salad. Your salad looks super yummy. Can't wait to see what you whip up for your little honey for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge. I'm joining in too....weeee!! Smiles your way :)

S and O said...

Well now is the perfect time to learn a LOT more broccoli recipes :D
Like broccoli casserole, or cheesy broccoli etc.


Stella said...

Hmm, thanks for the tip. I was about to try to sprout a whole pack of seeds;)!

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