14 September 2010

Just for fun..


I decided to interview my almost 3 year old this morning, here is what she had to say..

Me: How old are you?
S: 6 (She never tells her real age!?)

Me: What's your favourite colour?
S: Black and Pink

Me: What's your favourite food?
S: Aaahhhhhh (pause) Pasta (That is true and strawberries)

Me: What's your favourite game?
S: My favourite game is to play music (I thought she would say art and craft)

Me: What's your favourite book?
S: The Gruffalo (This changes every day)

Me: What's your favourite movie?
S: The Labyrinth (Well, no girl can resist David Bowie in tights!? Ek!)
Me: Isn't it a little too scary? (She once watched it with her older cousins)
S: Yes, when she falls and she forgot to go through the other door, and she went down, down, and, and there was pod..
Me: Pod?
S: Poggle

Me: Who is your best friend?
S: Matilda (her cousin. This also changes every day)
Me: Anyone else?
S: No, that's all I need

Me: Who is mummy's best friend?
S: (Long pause) Daddy

Me: Who is Daddy's best friend?
S: Ben (Daddy's mate, who she usually says is her best friend)

* She just walked into the room and picked up my notebook and pen and said "Mummy, what is your favourite friend?" and then pretended to scribble notes.. so cute!


Bron @ Baby Space said...

Sooo cute! Love this - such a great idea and she is super, super adorable.

p.s There is a wee award for you over on my bloggity blog :)

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