03 September 2010


Have you been to Kinokuniya?


I discovered it last week after I was driving through the city and the car decided to break down. A few hours and a tow truck later, Sophie and I found ourselves in bookstore heaven!

If you live in Sydney and you love books, bookstores, design, craft or all things Japanese then you must visit this store.

The Japanese craft book section is amazing. All the Japanese sewing books that I have been ordering from overseas were right there in front of me.. I couldn't resist coming home with a few to add to my collection..

happy homemade

The kids section is also wonderful and it has these giant windows that look out over the street below. Both Sophie and I enjoyed sitting high above the street and watching the world go by (oblivious to the fact that we were watching them go about their day.)

After many hours in the bookstore we went and said hi to daddy in his office, then we got on the train to make our way home again car-less and care-less!



Bron @ Baby Space said...

I have to go. Probably I have to save up first. Sounds like the perfect shopping spree spot for me!

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