16 September 2010

Lunch date

After a morning of fabric shopping yesterday, I asked my 2 year old if she would like to go out for lunch, "oh yes" she replied excitedly "I want sushi with pink fish inside". So we drove to Balmain and found a little Japanese restaurant.


We sat down together and ordered our food, she told me exactly what she wanted and as we waited for our food we chatted about the highlights of our morning (She found fairy fabric and I found peach coloured bias binding), we chatted about what we would do after her sleep today (art and craft), what we would do on the weekend (see Justine Clark in concert) and what we needed from the supermarket (milk and apricots according to her).

As I was sitting there, across the table from my little girl I realised something.. It was only a few months ago that I had a loud, wriggling toddler who would not sit still or eat her lunch without it ending up on all over her, and me, and the floor.

But now, here is a little girl sitting in a chair, having a conversation with her mummy and eating her lunch quietly and carefully.. a grown up little girl!

It was not a stress or a production, I was not eating with one hand and holding her plate down with the other, I was not apologizing to the table next to us because they just got rice flicked all over them, I wasn't collecting serviettes ready for the big clean up.. It was just easy and fun.. It was just me and my little friend having lunch.


Steph said...

That sounds like the most perfect day!! Bijou is almost at that stage and it really is like having a little buddy. And where did you find peach bias!!!!? Yummo!! Enjoy your weekend with your gorgeous buddies :)

Katie said...

Yes, they call it the terrible twos.. but I am loving this stage!
I found the peach bias at Spotlight of all places.. x

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