08 May 2012

A friend in need..

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The most surprising thing about bed rest has been the people that have supported me.
So many friends say they can not believe that I am spending 6 months in bed and how amazing I am. (I don't think I am amazing.. I think anyone who has given birth to a dead baby would also do anything they can in order to prevent it from happening again without a second thought).

But I am not really the amazing one.. it's the team of people around me who have to do everything who are the amazing ones. Tom, of course has the biggest load on his shoulders.. not only has he got to do all the housework, washing, cooking, look after Sophie, get her ready and make her lunch for school every day but also make sure that I have every meal I need during the day without getting out of bed and trying to work a full time job. I am not exaggerating when I say that I have not seen him sit down in months!

Of course Tom and I knew what we were getting ourselves into and were prepared for a tough few months. But what has been surprising is the friends who have been helping me out.. Remember that I only moved to Perth last year so any friends I have here have known me for less than a year, yet they are willing to drive an hour with 3 kids in the car in order to bring me lunch, a home cooked meal so Tom does not have to cook that night and keep me company for a few hours.

The other funny thing is that some of the people (both friends and family) that I thought I would be relying on the most have not even been to visit and other people who I never thought would help (not because they did not offer but because they have young kids and work themselves) are coming over every week with a home cooked meal, magazines and yummy treats for the pregnant lady in bed!

I have been blown away by the kindness and support from those that I expected it from the least.
One of my old neighbours who I had not spoken to in 3 years send me a gift subscription to McSweeney's because she remembered that when I lived next door I used to love borrowing them off her bookshelf! The mothers at Sophie's school offered to do a roster of home cooked meals and even offered to film the mother's day afternoon tea this week so that I didn't feel left out!

I feel very lucky to have so many people thinking about me and wishing me well, not to forget all the lovely emails I get from strangers who are just letting me know that they have me in their thoughts..
So a big thank you to everyone Xx

*Photo of me and Sophie a few weeks after she was born


Vanessa said...

It's just wonderful to hear of your support network. Where would families be without them. Wishing you a peaceful and happy pregnancy.

Shelley said...

We never think of ourselves as amazing, we just do what needs to be done for our little families. But you are amazing! I've never lost a child, or pretend to know what that feels like, but I lost my husband when my now 4 year old was a newborn. It still amazes me the support we had in those early days, and especially from people, even strangers you would have never thought of. Keep resting, not long to go now xx

Katrina said...

Such a beautiful photo!
I saw your comment on another blog (Clover Lane) and thought I'd pop over to wish you well with this pregnancy! Congratulations!

I have never had fertility issues per se, and well, if you visit my blog... at first sight you'd probably want to RUN from it ... but don't. I've had my share of trials and sorrows (5 miscarriages and a child who suffered a traumatic brain injury at the age of 4 tops the list) but I know exactly how you feel because I used to visit random blogs and think, wow...this woman has it all: the perfect little family, a beautiful home, etc -- and I'd want to leave and never come back. But what I've come to realize is that if any person is not struggling with something right now (or just choosing not to share it on a blog!) then their time for struggles/sorrow/trials will eventually come. Because they do come, to all of us, eventually.... in one form or another.

Wishing you a very safe full-term pregnancy and a healthy baby :)

dixiebelle said...

I am not sure where I came over from (tea with lucy, I think) but had to say what a gorgeous photo this is. I also hope your bed rest continues as smoothly as possible, and how wonderful that this trying time had bought out the best in people who surround you!

thejadeleaf said...

Gorgeous. Gorgeous post. The world is full of lovely people. You are blessed (and you and your husband ARE amazing, together) xx

Anonymous said...

Oh, your post warmed my heart......nothing is better than the gift of kindness

At Number 32 said...

Such a beautiful photo, and in not too many months now you'll be doing it all again :) Such a special time. People only help those they love, so whilst you've only been there for a year, you've obviously made an impact on other peoples lives. Stay well :)

Juge said...

Hi Katie!!! I though of sharing this with you since you reach so many people and might be able to help us!

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She needs tons of past (and present) relationship data (any relationship, more than 3 dates), including all those married.
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Everyone's help is highly appreciated... Thank you!!!

Lara said...

Thank you for writing this note Katie, it is so lovely to know that you are receiving love and support from unexpected places.
As someone who does not know you, but is "following" your journey, my heart is so warmed with gratitude to these people who are showing what love, friendship and sisterhood is all about.

Oh how splendid it is when we love each other.

Thank you for sharing Katie, and i hope you realise that what you are going through is offering so much that is positive to so many - whether you realise it or not! Your situation and you sharing it, is teaching, opening and expanding the hearts of many people - those you know, and those you are yet to.

Take care - and know that you have a "clear path" through this journey xox Everything works out perfectly.

Amanda said...

I'm so glad to hear you've got a wonderful support network around you. It's funny how often those who help us most are those whose own lives are so busy themselves, yet they make time and prioritise helping friends and family. Special people indeed. Take care hun xx

Tahnee said...

this is so wonderful to hear, katie (not the bit about the people you thought would show their support and haven't at all - gasp!). this truly is an amazing thing you and tom are doing, I cannot imagine how hard it is to stay in bed for six months to grow your baby boy.. your little boy will be surrounded by such love x

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