18 May 2012

The benefits of bed rest..


This morning I woke up at 5am.
Luckily, Tom was already awake too and it was cold so we snuggled up under the doona and waited for the sun to slowly make its way into the room.
I must have drifted off to sleep again because the next thing I remember is Sophie jumping into bed with me, and Tom (who was already showered and ready for work) walking in with tea and eggs on toast for his "two little girls in bed". (Sophie has started to eat every meal with me in bed.. it's going to be such an effort to get her to learn to sit at the table again at the end of this, let alone get our sheets clean!)

The next hour was a rush of activity to get Sophie dressed and off to school. It usually consists of Tom rushing around making lunches and packing Sophie's school bag while saying "Thats great.. now go get mum to brush your hair" and Sophie staying as far away from my bed (and her hairbrush) as she can.

After everyone had made it off to school/ work and the house was quiet again I turned on the computer and checked my email, read some blogs and read the news.. and then I lay down and snuggled under the doona, closed my eyes, made a noise like you do when you get into bed at the end of a really long day and went back to sleep..

It was 11am.

*Photo of Sophie and me in bed a few weeks after she was born (January 2008)


mary said...

your joy and selflessness in the midst of bedrest is so admirable. so much sacrifice to bring your little one into the world safely. if i ever have to go on bedrest, i will think of you and reread your posts. thanks for being such a wonderful examples to all the other mothers out there!

Aleida Dekker Albany WA said...

Just found your blog. There is an invisable bond with all of us mums who have experienced stillborn gifts from heaven. Today I don't want to be sad and think only of Gabrielle and Micah who are no longer with me. I want to be reminded of life and the gifts God has left me with. Yet I am pulled to read your story. I cry, I remember, I hurt for you and pray you will be blest with new life. The child(ren) we have lost will always remain part of us, we would not be who we are without him/her, yet we have to continue living with and for those gifts we are left with.

Liv Lundelius said...

You will appreciate everything when the bed rest is over. It's such a long time. My thoughts are with you. Thank god for the Internet.
Lots of time to read nd learn and write. I guess you could meditate as well.

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